Why Choose AIG Malaysia?

Insurance policies will enable you to keep a legacy behind while shielding your family and children. In the case of any regrettable mishaps or losses, you may rest easy with the knowledge that both you and your family and friends are secure. AIG Malaysia is a superb place to start- it is among the very best comprehensive insurance coverage organizations in Malaysia and has extensive plans for all.

Wherever you will be in your life, AIG Malaysia has your back regarding age group or actual location. AIG offers four main personal insurance policies: house, vehicle, travel, and private crash insurance. These plans could be designed for every single individual in addition to their household, and our policy monthly premiums are very cost-effective.

AIG’s Travel Insurance policies include both domestic and abroad travel choices. AIG addresses a number of the situations that come with the protection of health-related costs in case of unpredicted incidents or sickness, slowed flights, misplaced baggage, and much more. Vacation with assurance, knowing that you are currently properly protected!

AIG Malaysia

Feeling safe and protected in your own home is essential to every person, but sometimes unforeseen situations occur. Several of the benefits associated with becoming paid by AIG’s Property Insurance policies involve swapping that old product with new products in natural disasters or robbery.

Safeguard your car or truck with AIG’s complete vehicle insurance policy. The plan’s rewards consist of our street support, which can assist you to alter your tyres, battery power and help you in any crashes. When it comes to automobile harm, additionally, you will get a full pay-out.

Make sure that you and your family are very well looked after with AIG’s Personalized Incident Insurance policies. Personalized Crash Insurance coverage can provide you with a comprehensive strategy by using a lump sum payment in case of any unexpected mishaps, as well as hospitalisation and medical advantages.

Put together for future years ahead with AIG Malaysia’s extensive and flexible insurance coverage. With AIG’s wide variety of merchandise and operations, from vehicle insurance to individual incident insurance, you can determine which goods work well for you. Check out our website to find out more about comprehensive insurance: https://www.aig.my/personal.