RHB MY’s Benefits To Malaysia

The reason Bank With RHB Malaysia?

Our mantra at RHB is “Together, We Progress”. This is true for our persistence in helping Malaysia as well as people in the finance and financial entry. The official RHB Banking Group My has been around since 1999, but our banks are already operating a lot longer. We’ve won several honours, such as Bursa Excellence Awards. Our main products are banking, insurance cover, commercial car insurance, and real estate investment services.

Opening a bank account with RHB

Find an account that is variable and suits your preferences with RHB. Making an application for an RHB credit card also is included with perks, including borrowing limit increases or instalment payment plans. RHB has the benefit of loan services, which are flexible and comprehensive. Additionally, we have exceptional RHB insurance schemes available for you and your family.

Conserving Your Personal Success at RHB

Are required to send money overseas? RHB’s Remittance options will assist you to send your money in an exceedingly inexpensive and effective way. We provide fast TT services, reduced education cost for parents and students, and a lot more. Furthermore, we also have investment methods for you to improve your finances. Our safety deposit boxes can be found in case you desire to store your valuables securely.

RHB Bank

RHB Loans for Companies

Here at RHB, we’re proud to aid local businesses with our fast and competent account starting the process. RHB’s commercial loans can be obtained for anyone who is just beginning, and ideal for any business owner. Additionally, there are enticing insurance options for your employees and business- stay protected with RHB.

RHB and Enterprise Investment decisions

Improve your company toward the full possibility with RHB’s company banking alternatives! From investment options to our SME knowledge centre, RHB is not merely your bank, and also your organization associate. Along with funding, we also have trade services both for your import and export wants.

Why Choose Islamic Financial with RHB?

There are numerous good things about through an Islamic banking account compared to a traditional narrative. For example, in financing- the shopper will never have to pay a lot more than the agreed maximum amount. You probably have a fixed deposit account; there are also up-front profits for any account holder. Islamic Banking is open for many, irrespective of religion.

RHB Now Banking Online and Mobile App

With RHB Now Banking, you will see your accounts from the phone itself. It’s also possible to send money or make the transfer without difficulty. You can forget long queues at the bank, and it’s easy to access banking account everywhere on the planet! Just download it from your phone’s app store and have set up with several quick instructions on the website.

Why Should You Pick out RHB?

RHB has a massive range of products to match every way of life. Our customer service assistance and expert consultancy can make sure you are not by yourself for this journey to grow your wealth or start your new company! Banking really should not be a struggle- let’s achieve this with each other. Go to https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html to understand more in regards to the several alternatives offer on commercial car insurance.