redONE: Retaining Phone Plans Easy & Cost-Effective

Releasing redONE

Because the 1st cellular online group operator (MVNO) in Malaysia offers the lowest monthly responsibility postpaid plan, redONE has received the BrandLaureate Corporate Branding Award and MNVO Company of the Year. redONE now offers postpaid and prepaid plans with additional telephone Unlimited Free Calls and details, hoping to increase its operations to become the largest MVNO in ASEAN.

redONE Postpaid

redONE postpaid plans can be found in 3 varieties, the Amazing58, Amazing38 and Amazing8, suitable for you. When you require more info or phone calls, put in a redPLAN regular monthly data package as little as RM8. We offer M2M enterprise communication plans that serve numerous units and a wide variety of end user-information for organizations to hold and analyse details.

Incredible Prepaid Plans

For every single RM30 reload on redONE’s Prepaid Beginner Load, you can enjoy a free simpack which includes 1GB of 4G data, 10GB of mobile phone information and unlimited free of charge cell phone calls among redONE’s prepaid customers. Getting added details are also headache-free; invest in an info best-on redONE’s Prepaid App for as low as RM3 day-to-day.


IDD And Roaming Plans for anyone

redONE gives spending budget-friendly IDD and roaming costs, and overseas cell phone calls have an excellent speech good quality equal to nearby cell phone calls. Postpaid end users can also enjoy IDD resolved-line telephone calls only RM1.25 each minute and video phone calls as low as RM0.92 per minute. For overseas roaming, charges commence from RM28 onwards for prepaid and postpaid customers.

Store our eStore

Sign up for bank cards or acquire home appliances and insurance policy offers from redONE’s eStore. redMALL gives cellphones and home appliances that may be acquired with cashless approaches with lower interest rates when redCARE provides AIG car and travelling insurance plan. New consumers that subscribe to HSBC charge cards on redCARD can enjoy an RM300 cell phone monthly bill rebate.

Way to Fiscal Flexibility

redONE Telcopreneur Programme is surely a special programme for many who wish to increase their cash flow. Gain economic independence by promoting our telecommunication goods and services as a redONEPreneur Income Counselor. You happen to be entitled to perks like adaptable operating hours, incentive deals, full-time allowance, education and cost-free insurance.

Get Assist

redONE support is here to assist! Identify our local agent at stores and customer satisfaction centres on our internet site, or reach out to a Customer Proper care representative through our live talk solutions seven days weekly, 12 hours each day. We partnered with Celcom Axiata to deliver our consumers using the broadest and best 3G and 4G community insurance throughout Malaysia.

Opt for redONE These days

redONE’s slogan of “Straight back to Essentials – everyday life is complex sufficient” displays our posture of prioritising customers’ requirements with simple and affordable products. Our postpaid and prepaid plans supply Unlimited Free Calls calls, extra information, and substantial network protection with Celcom Axiata because of the company. redONE gives worth items that are incurred transparently.